Water Storage Tanks Supplier / Manufacturer Malaysia

Water storage tanks are available in varying sizes, shapes and colours, with a myriad of materials to suit different user requirements or preferences. Below are some valuable points to help you make sure you’re purchasing the best tank for your water storage needs.


When shopping for a water storage tank, one of the first things you must consider is the ideal capacity for the application at hand. This primarily depends on whether you are using the tank for household or business use. For example, a small household might have a total water requirement of 500 liters or less per day.

On the other hand, large housing complexes and business premises might require thousands of litres, hence the need for large plastic water tanks. For rainwater water storage, tank size will depend on the amount of rainwater you want to collect for your household or business needs.

Product quality and durability

The material used to make the water storage tank will determine its suitability for a particular site, and its long-term performance and durability. The water storage tank should be robust enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. As a customer, you want to buy a water storage tank that is fit for your purpose and made using the best quality materials.

At Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd, we make premium water storage tanks manufactured from high-quality material that is both durable and safe. We only use Linear medium polyethylene material for our product range. UV resistant exterior blocks sun rays from breaking down the tank sidewalls and roof.

Roto-molded water storage tanks

Through rotomoulding process, the raw material is bonded together to achieve a robust tank that is virtually indestructible. The tanks are rotationally-molded in one mold, thus the final product is seamless, water-tight and leak-proof.

Water quality

Water storage tanks should be manufactured using toxic-free material that is approved to be safe for water storage. As a customer, it’s imperative to invest in a quality storage tank that is safe to store drinking water.


Water storage tanks made of plastic material are a great choice for those looking for portability. Also, plastic tanks can be easily installed above ground. You can easily move around the tank if need be, with minimal labour necessary.


Some customers highly value the aesthetics of their tanks, hence want specific colours and styles that will blend in with a given site. If you wish to make a statement in your home or business premises, plastic tanks look quite stylish and modern.

To prevent algae growth, we recommend choosing a non-transparent and UV resistant material that blocks sunlight and keeps the water pure. Our roto-molding process ensures optimum color distribution. Consequently, even lighter colors can effectively block light penetration.

FDA Approved

Whether you are purchasing for household or commercial use, you want to make sure your water storage tanks comply with all relevant standards. Otherwise, your water could become contaminated and unusable. The resin used to make your tank should be FDA approved.


Whether you want water storage tanks for residential or industrial use, it’s imperative to make sure your tank has a proper warranty. This is often overlooked, but is important, especially for quantity orders.

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