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Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd is the pioneer and leader in PolyEthylene (PE) plastic rotational moulding industry in Malaysia. The combination of unmatched quality and competitive prices has helped us establish an impressive customer base, including individual clients and major companies in Malaysia and beyond. A wide variety of thermal box options are available to you, besides other innovative products in our product range!

Why use a thermal box?

Thermal boxes have been widely adopted in different sectors to help in the storage and transportation of sensitive, non-durable products. You can use them to ship fresh goods and maintain their freshness. The role of thermal boxes in the supply chain cannot be overstated.

Medical products, frozen foods, fresh food, beverages, and some chemicals generally need to be maintained at specific temperatures. Also, they need maximum protection from contamination by dust and other small particles. This is where a thermal box comes in. It helps provides a controlled temperature environment for a full range of goods.

If you are looking for premium thermal box(es), the POLAR™ products have been proven and tested to store various products for extended periods without any major change in their temperature. The products withstand heat up to 135°C and cold down to -78°C.

How it works

A thermal box maintains a constant temperature while eliminating the need for an active refrigerating system. It effectively protects the interior from exterior conditions. Most thermal boxes have a space between an inner and out wall, which is evacuated to prevent heat transfer into or out of the box.

The invention of plastic thermal boxes provided a low-cost, robust container for the storage of hot or cold products, especially foods and drinks. Low-cost polyethylene material is excellent in terms of structural strength and insulating properties.

Upon loading the temperature-controlled foodstuffs into the thermal box, it maintains the temperature during the storage. You can even transport your products while protecting them through thermal insulation.

Enhancing your supply chain with thermal boxes

A thermal box is ideal for the distribution and storage of temperature-sensitive products, both chilled and frozen. For companies, the cold chain is fully respected as thermal protection of the foodstuffs is maintained at every stage of their distribution, regardless of the waiting times, or the number of delivery stops you have to make.

Long-term storage

One of the most fundamental qualities of a thermal box is its capacity to maintain a constant temperature, regardless of external conditions. As soon it is loaded and the lid closed, you want to be assured that your products are fresh and safe from spoiling or rotting, for a long period. For business use, you need long-term storage time, considering not just the transport, but also the waiting times when the products are within your premises.

If you are looking for a reputable thermal box manufacturer and supplier, then you are in the right place. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd offers the best deals for both single purchases and bulk orders. POLAR™ thermal box complies with FDA Food Grade, H.A.C.C.P. & British Standards BS:3412 & BS:4213. We offer the longest warranty in the market as well. Talk to us today for a custom package!

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