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The Ins And Outs Of Rotational Plastic Moulding

Rotational moulded plastic products derive from PolyEthylene (PE) petrochemical material.  This material is easily moulded into very high tensile, elongated and long-lasting quality products. In addition, Polyethylene (PE) is a widely available polymer, making it a popular choice in the plastic industry.

Rotational plastic moulding is an incredibly versatile technology that we utilize to produce a range of high-quality plastic products. It has enabled us to push the limits and meet the demand for a wider variety of plastic materials for the Malaysian market and beyond.

The process

Our material is refined with 1st-grade non-recycled PE resin sourced locally from PE Malaysia (PETRONAS), by adhering to British Standards BS:3412 & BS:4213, we melt-compound several other additives to our decades of proven quality.  After the different components of material and additives are combined into one, we grind/pulverize it into powder form for rotational moulding.

Unlike the majority of non-Polyethylene materials, Polyethylene (PE) can be easily ground at extreme temperatures from negative 78 degrees Celsius of coldness up to 135 degrees Celsius of heat. In addition to the material refinery, we design and fabricate our mild steel moulds too.

Rotational moulding process involves loading our in-house refined material into fabricated moulds, constantly rotating into the oven, uniformly cooked, then air cooling followed by mist cooling, then de-mould the product formed. The mould is heated and rotated, hence the term ‘rotational moulding’.

Profound variables to ensure quality and durability include material used, moulding temperature control and timing as well as technology, and the choice of material specification. UV stabilizer and Anti-Oxidant properties ensure lasting quality against free radicals of our environment.

Advantages of Rotational Plastic Moulding

To uniformly rotational mould in order to obtain even material dispersion and even formation throughout provides some unique characteristics and benefits compared to other moulding processes. It’s thus not surprising that the method has been widely adopted by innovative manufacturers such as Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd.

Minimal tooling cost

Moulding plastic is generally inexpensive and both high and low volume production runs can be economical relatively due to Malaysia being a petrochemical producing nation in addition to low overheads. Consequently, manufacturers such as Refined polymers can supply various plastic moulding products at low costs. The relatively low initial investment makes rotational plastic moulding particularly attractive.

Variety of shapes

When it comes to the plastic industry, one of the profound benefits of rotational plastic moulding is that it accommodates production complexities and different surface textures. Through rotational moulding, innovative manufacturers can make the most complicated shapes.

The process is almost unlimited in terms of the shapes and plastic products that can be created. At RPSB, the products we chose to produce cater to different industries to diversify economic risks


Rotational plastic moulding ensures uniformity in the final products. For example, the production team at RPSB achieves consistent wall thickness. Also, there is utmost product strength and integrity.

Reduced Production costs

The overall production costs associated with rotational moulding costs are generally low, especially compared to other processes and techniques. Also, the initial investment needed is small, thus more value for money for the final customers. 

Rotational plastic moulding provides a lot of flexibility for both low and high-volume production. In addition, different plastic products can be moulded simultaneously.

Contact our team

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd has been a formidable market leader for decades, and we notably made the very 1st plastic tank in Malaysia in 1982, before SIRIM came up with Malaysian Standards (MS) in 1991. As a customer-centric company, our R&D team is constantly expanding the range of materials available to the industry.

We produce and deliver the highest quality and longest lasting PE plastic products throughout the world by adhering to strict British Standards. In case of any queries about our products and services, feel free to contact our team.

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