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If you are looking for road safety barriers, ensure you are using the highest quality and most innovative products by choosing Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd, a market leader with decades of experience in PolyEthylene (PE) plastic rotational moulding industry. We manufacture and supply the FLEX-WALL™ plastic barriers, hoarding boards and traffic cones, besides that, we also produce other premium plastic products.

As an innovative manufacturer, our R&D is working to refine and perfect our designs, ensuring we are ahead of the curve. Our road safety barriers are designed for various safety uses and offer utmost protection, longevity, and ease of use.

Traffic management plan

We highly recommend that construction and maintenance managers, supervisors and works take a profound role in ensuring the ultimate safety of work sites for both the personnel at the site and road users.  

It’s prudent to have a tailored traffic management plan before starting any construction or maintenance project.  The relevant personnel should ensure pedestrians and vehicle traffic is well guided through work sites, essential for high traffic work sites.

Also, road safety barriers should be used consistently and appropriately. In this regard, all the relevant personnel should be highly trained, besides having adequate knowledge of various guides and standards that are necessary for the project at hand.

Well placed barriers

Work zone safety barriers must be well placed to avoid various risks. Ideally, road users should have maximum sight distance with regards to pedestrians or vehicles that are moving through the worksite.

Interlocking road safety barriers from a continuous barricade and is easy for motorists to notice. On the other hand, widely spaced traffic cones or concrete barriers may be more difficult to see and can compromise the safety of your work zone.


As much as it’s often overlooked, care must be taken to ensure adequate drainage around barriers. In case of heavy rains, you want to prevent water from forming along the barrier or flowing across the road, to protect both pedestrians and vehicle traffic. For sites that is common to flood, do fill up the barriers or add hoarding boards to make it taller for stability and visibility.


When it comes to road safety barriers, the importance of visibility cannot be overstated.

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd designs barriers using bright and reflective colors, making them highly visible even at night.

Plastic vs concrete barriers

When it comes to making barricades, plastic is not the only option. Unlike materials such as concrete, plastic barricades can be easily moved around, and stored after use. With the advancement in technology, plastic barriers have been designed and manufactured to be robust enough and can even be used for high-speed zones.

Why choose us? Refined Polymers produces and deliver the highest quality and longest-lasting PE plastic products throughout the world by adhering to strict British Standards. The range of plastic road safety barriers from RPSB are manufactured from the highest quality polyethylene material and are proven and tested to last for many years maintenance-free.

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