ETER® Pots – Saucer | Viva Series (Traditional)

ETER® Planter Pots

  • Made of In-House Melt-Compounded PolyEthylene (PE) Resin To Achieve Toughest & Longest Lasting Properties
  • One-Piece Seamless Rotational Moulded
  • 12 Available Colours And Varieties Of Design To Choose From
  • Realistic Effect And Finishing
  • Light Weight Yet Tough
  • Other Dimension Can Be Made To Meet Requirement Depending On Quantity
  • Logo Embossment For Quantity Orders
  • Warranty Of 3 To 15 years (Depending Of Colour Chosen) Assures Our Quality & Durability Commitments
  • Warranty Against Discolouring, Brittleness, Chip, Crack, Break And Deformation Caused By Strong Sunlight UV Penetration



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(L x W x H) / (Dia x H)
SAUCER100517.0” x 1.6”43 x 4.040.00
100618.5” x 2”47 x 4.446.00
100722.4” x 2”57 x 5.052.00
100928.4” x 2”72 x 5.560.00
100132” x 2”82 x 5.666.00


  1. Dimensions and figures given above are of approximation only.
  2. Our company reserve the rights to change the prices, dimensions, designs & specifications without prior notice.
  3. Standardised discounts for bulk or container orders.
  4. Other dimension can be made to meet your requirement depending on quantity.
  5. Colours available - Black, Grey, Dark Green, Clay Brown, Terra Cotta, Beige, White and Sandstone (3 tones); for other colours MOQ 20 units.
  6. Logo embossment available for MOQ 100 units, additional charges will be applied.
  7. Prices are ex-factory: transportation, insurance and special packaging are not inclusive.