Polyethylene Manufacturers Malaysia

Polyethylene material is available in various grades including low-density (LDPE), linear low-density (LLDPE), Linear Medium Density Polyethylene (LMDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The grades vary in terms of the degree of branching in their molecular structure.

Each plastic grade has different properties that make them ideal for very specific applications. If you looking to buy polyethylene products, we recommend considering your specific application to make a more informed decision.


Linear Medium Density Polyethylene (LMDPE) has the best overall properties, especially for making rotationally molded polyethylene products. LMDPE the preeminent properties in rotational molded components that will be used in products that are placed right under the sun on a daily basis. They combine good stiffness and impact strength. They have a lower melting temperature making them desirable for rotationally molding.

The polyethylene materials can’t become brittle from oxidation and are not damaged by exposure to UV light. Items produced by Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd have excellent stiffness and a perfect balance between mechanical properties like impact strength and tensile strength.

Processing methods

We use the best quality polyethylene resin with excellent processability combined with outstanding tear and abuse properties. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd uses rotational molding as it provides many advantages compared to other molding techniques. Costs for rotational molds and tooling are comparatively low.

Also, rotational molding can be easily adapted to short production runs.  Rotational molding products significantly vary in terms of complexity, wall thickness and length. In this regard, there are essentially no limits on custom designs and production.

Roto-moulding process

Roto-moulding is an innovative process that’s greatly well suited for creating a range of thermoplastic products.  Roto-moulding using melt-compounded material entails even distribution in all parts of the product, thus all-round protection from UV sunlight penetration on the polyethylene product itself and its content.

Refined Polymer Sdn Bhd manufactures your industrial and commercial products using the highest quality polyethylene material on the market, then customizes them with mould-in additives, colors, and more. All additives and materials are compounded into one thoroughly mixed material type.


Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd produces polyethylene products to the highest standards in the market. Each product has precise weight and dimensions for its specific purpose. RPSB’s product range is more than just simple plastic products. They are manufactured based on strict quality standards, besides industry-leading design. Each product is proven and tested to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.


Rotational moulding is ideal for the production of large polyethylene products such as tanks, barricades, etc. that need to be hollow and can be made in one piece. RPBS’s polyethylene products are a high-performance solution for a range of industrial and household applications.

Environmental Responsibility of Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd

The RPSB team strives to establish and implement an environmental sustainability plan that minimizes pollution, while at the same time optimizing the use of energy and materials. If you are looking for a formidable polyethylene manufacturer, feel free to contact me for further discussion.

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