Plastic Tank Supplier / Manufacturer Malaysia

Tanks for industrial and household use are a long-term investment and it is essential to ensure your product of choice is of the highest quality, compatible material to protect your investment and suit your storage requirements. Plastic tanks are a popular choice as they are relatively durable, cheap and overall great value for money.           

Production process

RPSB’s plastic tanks are manufactured using roto moulding technology that allows one-piece construction under controlled conditions using a material that is premium quality, durable and provides outstanding chemical and environmental resistance.

Stain resistance

Polyethylene has great chemical inertness compared to other thermoplastics. In this regard, polyethylene does not react with most chemicals. The material has near-zero water absorption, thus plastic tanks have outstanding stain resistance properties. In addition, polyethylene has great abrasion resistance.

Care and Maintenance

Plastic tanks’ exterior and interior surfaces may be cleaned by washing the tank with mild detergents in water using a soft cotton cloth. After cleaning, you should rinse well with clean water and finally wipe dry with a cotton cloth.

It’s worth mentioning that some plastic tanks manufacturers provide specific instructions with regards to cleaning agents that may be used. Also, we recommend not using abrasive materials such as sandpaper, scraping tools, steel wool, etc. to clean the tanks, as this may disrupt the tank surface texture and alter the appearance.

Plastic tank lifespan and warranties

A plastic tank can be a considerable expense, especially when buying in bulk. In this regard, you want the tank(s) to last as long as possible. As much as the tanks have a very long lifespan, it’s imperative to check on water quality, maintenance and positioning of the tank, among other factors.

Cost of plastic tanks

Tanks typically vary depending on size, material, finish and customizing options, among other factors.

Custom Made Plastic Tanks

The demands of certain chemicals, operating parameters, or even size and shape constraints may warrant a custom plastic tank. Contact the team at Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd to discuss the most suitable options for your specific storage requirements.

At Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd, we undertake special custom-made orders per customer requirements. However, customization is only done for bulk orders. Bring us your specific needs and requirements and our experts will gladly provide you with outstanding support and services.

RPSB can help you with the production of custom plastic tanks that are ideal for a wide range of applications, for example, storing liquids (water, paint, oil, etc.) or chemicals.

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