Plastic Road Divider Supplier / Manufacturer Malaysia

Choosing Your Plastic Road Divider Supplier & Manufacturer

Plastic road dividers are hollow plastic equipment that are made from polyethylene material. The widely adopted road safety products are ideally designed to be lightweight and portable, yet effective and in compliance with all relevant laws. In addition, you can enhance the strength and stability of plastic road dividers by filling them with water or sand, or even concrete for permanent locations.

Plastic road dividers provide effective traffic control on roadways and around construction sites. They are highly ideal for roadway division, railroad construction or bends in the roadway in construction site areas, parking lots, driveways, etc. let’s explore the fundamental product features to consider when choosing a plastic road divider supplier or manufacturer.


When it comes to worksites and roadways applications, visibility is fundamental for the safety and effectiveness of road dividers. At Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd, we ensure all our plastic road dividers and other road safety products are designed with bright such as red, white, blue, black and yellow.

The colours will last longer than the warranted period, and do not fade nor dis-colour even under extended exposure to sunlight. We offer some of the best color variations, with a focus on safety, aesthetics and longevity.


If you care about the mobility factor(most customers do), we recommend going for plastic road dividers as opposed to alternatives materials such as concrete or metal. Lightweight road dividers provide enhanced portability, thus ultimately reduced transportation costs by a significant fraction. Also, such road dividers are easy to deploy for temporary work sites.

A lot of plastic road divider units can be loaded during transport, and minimal manpower is needed to install them or transport them between events or work sites. Lightweight design is especially essential for temporary work sites and events.

As a customer, you want road dividers that are lightweight enough, without compromising on product quality. RPSB uses In-house melt-compounded material to roto-mould road dividers that are lightweight and portable, yet incredibly robust and rigid to withstand a high traffic environment. Plastic road dividers have a hollow design, thus relatively light than alternatives such as concrete and metal ones.


Ideally, you want plastic road dividers that can last many years and provide the utmost value for money. The products should be moulded with the right thickness, in order not to crack or break, especially in high traffic environments. Also, the road dividers mustn’t have moving parts that may loosen up, rust or wear out over time.

The range of plastic road dividers from RPSB is designed to interlock and form a continuous barricade, without the need for additional devices such as cables or pins.  Our R&D team is fully confident about the superior quality and durability of the products. The plastic road divider barriers are manufactured using supreme quality polyethylene that is rotationally moulded for enhanced physical properties.  


Does your plastic manufacturer of choice provide customisable options for plastic road dividers? Apart from different colours, plastic road dividers can also be moulded into any shape or size. In case you have specifications other than the standard; we can design and manufacture custom barriers suitable for your intended application. These can even be branded with your company name or logo for marketing purposes or simply to prevent theft in job sites.

Environment friendly

Today, more individual customers and companies want environmentally friendly road safety products. Consequently, there is more demand for road dividers made of 100% recyclable polyethylene. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd recommends choosing a plastic road divider manufacturer whose products are not only sustainable but also designed to withstand even the harshest conditions.


One of the profound reasons why some customers choose plastic barriers over traditional concrete barriers is that they are more appealing. As a customer, you want a road divider that will make your work site or premises stand out!

Competitive pricing

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd sources all material locally, thus being able to provide discounted prices to the end-users. It’s worth mentioning that Malaysia is a top petrochemical producing nation globally, hence considerable cost saving for us. Also, with our expertise and almost four decades of experience in the industry, we utilize the most efficient plastic production technology in the market.

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