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Companies must take deliberate and effective steps to ensure the safety of all the employees and guests within their premises, or areas of operation. Road barriers are an important part of any traffic management strategy, and their importance cannot be overstated. Using the right road barriers will instantly alert motorists and pedestrians of no-go areas, ultimately minimizing the chance of a mishap.

The need for work zone traffic control

Traffic control using plastic road barriers is essential to separate and protect the workforce, motorists and pedestrians. It’s worth mentioning that drivers have just a few seconds to react and notice a hazard and subsequently make the right driving response. In this regard, equipment such as road barriers are necessary to provide adequate warning. It is also required by law.

Ultimately, the goal of work zone traffic control is to guide traffic safely and smoothly through a given location. At RPSB, our plastic road barriers are not only highly visible and rigid, but the products also have a sturdy base, which prevents them from toppling over and causing a traffic hazard.

Travel path

While safety is the most profound importance of road barriers, the products are also excellent in providing motorists and pedestrians with proper travel paths and helping achieve smooth traffic flow. For high traffic facilities and work sites, proper work zone traffic control is necessary.

Best quality plastic road barriers

Whether for temporary or permanent work sites, you want to purchase the best quality plastic road barriers that will provide long term durability, and most importantly, promote road safety. Also, we highly recommend making informed decisions regarding other practical road safety products that can complement the barriers, for example, traffic cones.

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd only uses Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE) material in the manufacture of plastic road barriers and other products in our product range. When it comes to the manufacturing process,  our melt-compounding process evenly mizes by melting all raw material together with adiditves into one material type with enhanced physical properties. Ultimately, the end-user can rest assured of utmost quality and durability.

Rotomoulding process using the melt-compounded material ensures all-round protection from UV sunlight penetration on the product itself and its content. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd was notably one of the 1st manufacturer in Malaysia to introduce plastic rotational moulding technologies.

Set up and take down

After buying the plastic road barrier, it’s essential that they are correctly placed to serve their intended purpose. Also, plastic road barriers should be periodically cleaned, especially when used in very high traffic areas. This is especially important for high traffic roadways.

The relevant personnel should on daily basis confirm that plastic road barriers and other traffic control devices are still in position. Our advanced and modern road barriers road barriers have fork-lift slots for manoeuvring, loading and other purposes.

Custom plastic road barriers

As a market leader with almost four decades of experience, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd has developed superior quality safety products that are tailored to the global market needs. The road barriers can be customized with logos and unique colors to not only advertise your brand but also deter theft.

RPSB’s raw material is locally sourced at competitive prices, especially considering Malaysia is one of the leading petrochemical producing nations globally. Also, we benefit from low overheads thus being able to supply plastic road barriers and other products at discounted prices.

Looking to purchase plastic road barriers? Get in touch with us for a detailed product list and quotation. We ship to different regions across the world from our state of the art factory in Selangor, Malaysia.

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