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Roto-Moulded Plastic Pontoons

ETER® pontoons are made from roto-moulding process with Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE) resin as raw material. They’re a great alternative to old steel, aluminium pontoons and wooden frames. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd takes pride in manufacturing and supplying the best quality plastic pontoon for the Malaysian market and beyond.

When it comes to production, our rotational moulding process entails loading our in-house refined material into fabricated moulds, constantly rotating into the oven, uniformly cooking, then air cooling followed by mist cooling. Finally, we de-mould the product formed. In addition to material refinery, we design and fabricate our own mild steel moulds too!

So, why use rotomoulding technology? Let’s explore some of the primary benefits of roto-moulded plastic pontoons.

Highly efficient and economical

One of the profound benefits of using rotomoulding technology to make plastic pontoons is that the production time is short, and the overall efficiency is high. Rotomolding is often used for parts that require high-quality finishes, uniform wall thicknesses, and high stability.

In addition, the production is incredibly cost-effective. For plastic pontoon manufacturers such as Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd, custom roto-moulded costs are considerably cheaper than other moulding processes. Rotomoulded plastic pontoons provide the utmost value for money. Polyethylene as a raw material is comparatively low price.

High impact resistance, durability

ETER® pontoons are made of ultraviolet stabilizers, high-impact polyethylene and are proven to provide utmost impact resistance. The rotomoulded plastics have excellent toughness and strong resistance to environmental stress cracking. The UV stabilisers added to the products during rotomoulding ensure the plastic pontoon are UV resistant, hence can be exposed to direct sunlight without damage. Almost zero maintenance and repair costs are required in the long run.

ETER® pontoons are incredibly durable under both low and high-temperature conditions

and can withstand from low -78 degrees Celsius up to high 130 degrees Celsius extremes. Made of 1st grade melt-compounded virgin raw material, the products are designed to guarantee prolonged lifespan, achieving unmatched quality and highest durability.

Ultimately, polyethylene is extremely impact-resistant, thus plastic pontoons are virtually indestructible in the normal course of their varied applications.  ETER® pontoons notably have a life expectancy of over 20 years.

Custom shapes, sizes and dimensions

Rotomoulding technology provides much production freedom, and a wide array of shapes can be designed and created from Polyethylene (PE) material. When it comes to plastic pontoons, an ideal rotomoulded product can be designed based on specific needs and requirements. Any design concept is valid and can be efficiently manufactured in small or large quantities.

Consequently, customers can easily choose a custom plastic pontoon that perfectly matches a given application. At Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd, we can accommodate specific design elements

Visual appeal

Plastic pontoons are not subject to rust, and many customers prefer their visual appeal.

Customers can choose bright colors and appealing shapes for enhanced aesthetics. Also, custom colors are available for quantity orders.


Floating pontoons made using roto moulding technology, are in high demand due to their many advantages and hardly any shortcomings. ETER® pontoons from Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd have industrial design rights protection. The products are available for the global market, with timely delivery.

Call us on +603 51924199 or email for any enquiries and for assistance in choosing the right plastic platoon for your application.

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