Plastic Planter Pot Supplier / Manufacturer Malaysia

Plastic Planter Pot Supplier / Manufacturer

Planter pots are primarily used outdoors. They can be used for indoors too with higher product lifetime as there’s no direct sunlight. Planter pots can effectively support different types of garden plants. The most widely used pot materials include plastic, terra cotta or clay. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd uses plastic material, especially due to its reliability and unmatched physical properties.

Plastic planter pots are particularly beautiful and practical products for both interior and exterior spaces. They have been widely adopted for use in porches, gardens, yard, greenhouses and more. Plastic pots are comparatively colorful and will certainly make your spaces stand out. Also, they retain maximum moisture, and therefore you will water your plants less frequently.

The range of plastic planter pots from RPSB is made of in house melt compounded polyethylene (PE) resin to achieve the toughest and longest-lasting properties. Also, the material is incredibly lightweight yet tough. As a reputable plastic planter pot manufacturer and supplier, we adhere to strict British standards to ensure the ultimate value for our customers.

Large vs small planter pot

Does size matter? Yes. The diameter and height of your planter pot are important for your plants to thrive and have adequate growing space. In this regard, size is a profound factor when choosing your ideal plastic planter pot.

When a plant is too large for its pot, it’s likely to tip over. On the other hand, your plant could exhibit stunted growth if you choose a too-small pot. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd recommends transplanting in case your plant has outgrown its current pot. Also, it’s imperative to choose larger size pots for indoor plants that grow quickly.

Quality & Durability Commitments

Your planter pot supplier or manufacturer of choice should assure quality and durability commitments. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd provides the longest warranty in the market (3 to 15 years depending on colour choice). This warranty covers against discolouring, brittleness, chip, crack, break and deformation as a result of strong sunlight UV penetration.

RPSB’s plastic planter pots are made with in-house melt-compounded Polyethylene (PE) resin to achieve the toughest & longest lasting properties. In addition, the UV stabilizer and Anti-Oxidant properties make the products ideal for outdoor applications.


Some individual clients or companies prefer branded planter pots for marketing, and other purposes. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd provides logo embossment for quantity orders. The range of colours available include black, grey, dark green, clay brown, terra cotta, beige, white and sandstone. Also, other custom colours available for minimum order quantities of 20 units.


The overall product aesthetics is essential, whether you want a plastic planter pot for an interior or exterior environment. At RPSB, we provide realistic effects and finishing that will certainly make your product stand out.


Refined Polymers Sdn bhd can provide custom dimensions to meet requirements depending on order quantity. Also, you can choose a specific color, besides logo embossment for bulk orders. Our products are available for the global market at competitive prices!

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