Plastic Gardening Pots Supplier / Manufacturer Malaysia

Plastic Gardening Pots Supplier / Manufacturer

Why Use Plastic Gardening Pots?

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd is synonymous with the ETER® Planter Pots that are available for the global market. The products can be used in the office, living room, patio, garden, pool area, terrace, balcony, greenhouse, rooftop, flower shop, etc.

Our gardening pots are incredibly attractive and high-end. At the same time, the pots are incredibly functional and are especially ideal for moisture-loving plants, or for individuals who are less than regular with watering.

Plastic gardening pots keep moisture in, thus maintaining ideal conditions for your plants. They are highly recommended for plants that don’t like to dry out, or if you prefer not to irrigate your plants regularly. Plastic as a material for plastic gardening pots is uniquely versatile and offers many advantages over traditional alternatives. 


Plastic gardening pots are extremely lightweight, hence easy to move around. They are highly ideal when you don’t want to overload spaces such as balconies and decks. You can even hang planters from the ceiling!

Less costly

Plastic is less costly compared to other plant pot materials such as ceramic, concrete or terracotta. You can buy them in bulk without breaking the bank. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd offers a warranty against discolouring, brittleness, chip, crack, break and deformation caused by strong sunlight UV penetration. In this regard, customers can be assured of maximum value for money.

More diverse

It’s without a doubt the most diverse plant pot material. Plastic pots also come in different sizes. Consequently, customers have many options when choosing plastic gardening pots. More and more people are using plastic gardening pots for seedling breeding and even urban landscape gardening. They are highly recommended as transition pots.

Our pots provide plenty of room for root growth for your larger gardening plants to grow before they need to be transplanted in the garden. Ultimately, plastic gardening pots are a beautiful and practical option for diverse clients. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd offers a range of interesting shapes and attractive colors, so you can find the perfect plastic gardening pots to suit diverse needs.


Plastic gardening pots are waterproof and thus won’t allow your furniture or floors to be ruined. They are widely adopted for exterior environments, thanks to their ease of movement and weather-proof hardiness.

Customizing plastic gardening pots

Plastic gardening pots manufacturers such as RPSB can customize your pots to suit specific requirements including size and styles. With us, there are 10 available colours and varieties of design to choose from, with more customizing options available for quantity orders.

Tough and durable

As much as plastic pots are very lightweight, the material is very tough and very resistant to damage. In this regard, plastic gardening pots resist cracking, even when dropped. High-end plastic pots are very durable, even when exposed to free radicals in our environment.

ETER® pots are made of in-house melt-compounded Polyethylene (PE) resin to achieve the toughest & longest lasting properties. The material is not easily crushed, hence can be used many times for a wide range of plants.

Houseplants for interior spaces

While gardening plants are a living accessory for outdoor spaces, they can be used for interior spaces too, giving texture and color. Gardening plants can infuse your home or office with warmth, enhance the transition between spaces, and serve as a great focal point of a room.

As a leading plastic gardening pots manufacturer and supplier, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd offers a variety of premium colors and designs, so you can pair the pots with your décor of choice.

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