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Roto-Molded Plastic Floating Structure

Plastic floating structures are primarily made from PolyEthylene (PE) petrochemical material, which is recyclable and does not pollute the water quality or the livelihood of aquatic animals. Most manufacturers have a full range of specifications that can fit in well with different project sites and accommodate diverse applications.

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd is synonymous with the ETER® brand rotomolded plastic multi-purpose floating structures. The products are manufactured and supplied from the company’s state of the art factory in Selangor, Malaysia.

Unmatched quality, durability

ETER® plastic multi-purpose floating structures are anti-UV, have excellent flexibility, and much impact resistance, no crack. They are the go-to floating structures for those looking for strong carrying capacity, stability and resilience. We use the superior raw material to ensure a longer lifespan than most of our competitors’ plastic floating structures.

The products are UV stabilised to maximize outdoor performance and longevity. Also, they are environmentally friendly in compliance with relevant safety standards. Considering the products are used in water bodies, you can expect unmatched resistance to damage by animals, water, bumps by watercraft, and even contact deterioration from chemicals.

Modular structure

ETER® plastic multi-purpose floating structures have an advanced modular structure and are incredibly easy to install and dismantle, with minimal labour needed. Also, the structure provides maximum buoyancy.


The PolyEthylene (PE)  material making the plastic floating structure is maintenance-free, hence will not rust, splinter, peel or corrode with time. That being said, we recommend periodically cleaning the products to prevent dirt, dust and other materials from sticking to the surfaces.

Competitive price

Roto-molding costs are considerably less than other custom plastic molding processes. In addition, plastic floating structure is considerably cost-effective than alternatives such as wood and metal, over long-run.

The working life of ETER® plastic floating structure is unmatched in the market. With us, you can save more costs and time-related preservation, replacement and repair. Also, we benefit from low mould costs, besides minimal life. Ultimately, it offers the utmost value for both the manufacturer and end-user.

Custom rotational molding for plastic multi-purpose floating structure designs

As discussed, rotomolding is the most viable production process for plastic floating structures and related plastic products. Not only is rotomolding process cost-effective, but the rotationally molded plastic multi-purpose floating structures come in a full range of shapes, and sizes.

The ideal size and design variations of plastic floating structures are different depending on the application at hand. With roto-molding technology, any concept is valid depending on precise client requirements. Besides our standard specifications, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd can produce custom products for bulk orders.

Looking for a premium quality plastic multi-purpose floating structure? You can order online from the comfort of your home, with prompt delivery available for Malaysia and beyond. Also, short lead times, for both large and small quantities. For bulk orders, you can customize to tailored colors, shapes, sizes and dimensions. RPSB offers round-the-clock after-sales service to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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