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The Ins and Outs of Plastic Fish Cages

Cage farming, when done properly, is proven to supplement the demand for fish while also minimizing the pressure on over-exploiting wild stocks. It entails putting fingerlings into metal or plastic cages to protect them from predators. The farmers can conveniently provide the fish with feed and harvest them only when mature enough.

As a formidable industry leader, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd focuses on plastic fish cages, since they provide more value for our customers. Plastic fish cages are a viable investment for both small scale and large-scale farmers, and the returns are rewarding. It’s a cost-effective method of rearing fish under a controlled environment, for quick and better-quality yields.

The right number of fingerlings

We highly recommend stocking the right number of fingerlings, depending on the size of your fish cage. This is to avoid losses due to high mortality and slow growth due to limited space and high competition for oxygen and feeds.

In addition, over-stocking cages limit individual fish movement, thus affecting your harvest. Ultimately, close monitoring is critical, especially for commercial fish farmers who want to achieve a competitive edge.

Quality feeds

Cage farmers mustn’t compromise on the quality of feeds and fingerlings. Whether you are cage farming on a small scale or large scale, you should make informed decisions regarding the most ideal feed for your fish. It’s worth mentioning that using high-quality fish feed has a direct impact on the food conversion ratio. The feeds should have the right quantities of essential nutrients, minerals and additives.

Location for plastic fish cage

When it comes to commercial cage fish farming, the importance of finding a suitable cage location cannot be overstated. When used in large water bodies, we recommend checking on the depth of the water and keeping off navigation routes and breeding areas. Unlike other materials, plastic fish cages can be moved easily from one place to the other.

Environment friendly

One of the profound benefits of plastic fish cages is that they are environment friendly since they pose no threat to the environment. Also, it’s a sustainable way for commercial fish farmers to consistently get fish.


Fish cage farming provides ease of harvesting fish. The fish can be removed with a hand-held net before processing and transport. For large cases, we recommend using a nest to move the fish towards one corner, and subsequently removing them through hand netting.

Cost-effective plastic fish cages

The range of premium plastic fish cages manufactured by Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd are available for the global market. We have focused on design options that save both money and space. For quantity orders, RPSB can manufacture custom sizes and dimensions to meet specified requirements.

The installation cost and post-maintenance are low-cost. After installation of plastic fish cages, there is minimal maintenance required, saving huge maintenance costs in the later period. Also, minimal labor is required. Our prices are very competitive as well!

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