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Plastic Road Barricade Supplier Manufacturer

Barricades come in varying shapes and sizes and are thus designed to serve a variety of purposes. Plastic road barricades have been widely adopted in road projects in Malaysia and beyond. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd is synonymous with the FLEX-WALL ™ plastic barricades that are manufactured from melt compounded in house special formulated raw material to provide lasting quality.

We support different industries with unique plastic barricades and have made it a priority to keep up with the changing needs of our diverse clientele. Let’s explore the ins and outs of plastic barricades and highlight some of the profound features that make our models stand out.

Common application

Roadworks sites are the most common application of safety barricades. That being said, plastic road barricades have also been widely adopted in the protection of infrastructure works on land surrounding roads and associated workspaces. Also, barricades can be utilized in special events where there is a need to control pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


RPSB’s range of plastic road barricades is designed with interlocking mechanisms, ultimately providing much versatility. Depending on the application at hand, the barricades can be installed to stand on their own or form a continuous barricade. Ultimately, stackable barricades provide much convenience and cost-saving during storage and transportation.

Stackable plastic barricades can be broken down quickly and stored efficiently when you’re not using them. This not only helps save you time and effort but also can help you cut down on storage costs.

Strongest, longest lasting plastic barricades

RPSB uses Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE) to manufacture robust, durable barricades that can withstand the effects of extreme weather conditions. We take pride in offering the highest quality and durable barricades in the global market.


Plastic barricades are comparatively easier to move around on an as-needed basis. Also, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations, thus can be deployed in a comprehensive range of locations. You can put water into the barricade for enhanced stability, and then release it via a white plug, whenever you want to move the barricade.

Bright ‘melt compounded colouring

As a customer, you want plastic road barricades with bright and lasting colours to provide long-lasting warnings and indications for traffic users. RPSB offers a variety of color including red, white, blue, black and yellow.


The highest-quality plastic barricades on the market are ideal barricade solutions for airports, roadways, general construction, crowd control and safety, among other applications. As a customer-centric manufacturer, we have ensured the highest safety standards.

Competitive pricing

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd is the premier plastic manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia. We source and refine all our raw materials within the country as Malaysia is one of the leading petrochemical producing nations globally. Consequently, we can provide reasonable pricing directly to our customers.

For quantity orders, we can customize in a variety of colors including Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Black. Also, custom barricades designs, including logo embossment to suit specific requirements. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd provides standardised discounts for bulk or container orders.  Call or submit a request online for a custom quote!

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