Multi-Purpose Floating Structure Supplier / Manufacturer Malaysia

ETER® branded multi-purpose floating structure is manufactured from high wear-resistant LMDPE by rotational moulding technology. Decades of development has achieved robust and extremely effective multi-purpose floating structure suitable for even the most demanding applications. The products can be left in water for 20 years without any damage and is proven in the harshest conditions.

Why Rotational Molding Technology

When it comes to the design and production of the multi-purpose floating structure, the benefits of rotational moulding technology cannot be overstated. For example, rotomolded costs are considerably less than other plastic moulding processes. Also, the technology has enabled innovative manufacturers such as RPSB to achieve a quick turnaround from concept to production.

Another profound benefit of rotomoulding is that it achieves even and durable plastic products, compared to other moulding processes that typically result in uneven, low-quality products. The products are added with UV stabilisers during the rotomoulding process to ensure longevity in outdoor environments.

High quality, durability

The products are robust enough, with unmatched resistance to impact. They display high performance on absorbing energy, for example on collision with water vessels. Also, LMDPE multi-purpose floating structure have increased environmental stress crack resistance, even under extended exposure to UV and other extreme conditions.

Lightweight and large buoyancy

There is increased demand for robust yet lightweight multi-purpose floating structure that provides superior buoyancy, strength and stability. The floating structure, with the exemption of walkways, are submersible if necessary.

Easy to install and low-cost maintenance

The R&D team at Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd has designed multi-purpose floating structure that ensure easy installation and dismantling. Also, the products can be easily transported and stored when dismantled.

Customizing multi-purpose floating structure

For quantity orders, some manufacturers such as Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd can design custom colours, sizes, and dimensions of your multi-purpose floating structure. With rotomoulding technology, the possibilities are endless and large or small products can be produced in large or small quantities.

Environmentally friendly

The different components of ETER® multi-purpose floating structure are made from environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable polyethylene. Also, RPSB uses sustainable raw materials and production techniques.

Why choose us?

Refined Polymers is the go-to manufacturers and supplier for multi-purpose floating structure. Our products are available for the global market, and we consistently offer our customers the ultimate personalized service, technical expertise, and on-time delivery.

If you are looking for multi-purpose floating structure, the ETER® product range has been tested to the highest industry standards in the most demanding applications around the world. Contact us for a detailed quotation and any inquiries regarding our product range.

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