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Today, Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE) is no longer viewed as an alternative product but a necessity for a wide range of industrial and household applications. It’s hard to ignore the benefits of LMDPE, especially regarding its cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. As an industrial material, LMDPE is easily fabricated and welded using various equipment and techniques.

LMDPE is regarded as the most essential polyethylene grade on a volume basis. It’s notably less rigid and harder to break compared to other polyethylene grades. LMDPE material hence for durability and quality that is required for various household and industrial products.

Cost-friendly manufacturing

LMDPE is a cost-effective alternative to products such as heavier metal or glass. As an innovative LMDPE manufacturer in Malaysia, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd controls the production cost in many aspects, thus providing the utmost value for money.

Competitive pricing is a profoundly essential aspect when choosing a LMDPE products manufacturer. Ideally, you want a manufacturer and supplier that is flexible in cost, without compromising on quality.

Durable LMDPE products

Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE) is an excellent all-around industrial product that can be easily cut, fabricated, machined and mechanically fastened. At RPSB, we ensure our LMDPE is of premium quality, thus highly durable plastic products that do not splinter or rot. 

LMDPE has low friction and outstanding wear resistance, thus ideal for the most demanding industrial applications. With decades of experience in the industry, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd offers the longest warranty in the market for LMDPE and other related plastic products. As a customer, you can expect a warranty against sunlight UV penetration that causes discolouring, brittleness, chip, crack, break and deformation.


When you choose a LMDPE manufacturer that guarantees top-class service, there is rarely a possibility of failure. Regardless of the range and variety of LMDPE products, the quality of the material is a fundamental factor. As a customer, you want a LMDPE manufacturer that carefully sources all the necessary raw materials to ensure consistency in the final products.

RPSB uses the most reliable and advanced machinery sourced from the USA, Europe and Asia, ensuring the best quality LMDPE products in the market. We are the go-to HDPE manufacturers for customers looking for long-lived service, stress-free installation, flexibility, chemical resistance, or a myriad of other features.

Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE)

When it comes to making plastic products, LMDPE is highly recommended for applications where high strength, rigidity and/chemical resistance is necessary. LMDPE has an excellent combination of properties, consequently making it a suitable material for a myriad of applications across different industries.

The material can be engineered based on specific end-use requirements. Using the latest technology, RPSB has been able to achieve fast manufacturing times for our HDPE and related products.

Looking for a reputable Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE) manufacturer in Malaysia? Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd offers the most competitive prices and standardized discounts for bulk or container orders. Also, timely delivery from our state-of-the-art facility in Selangor!

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