Liquid Chemical Tank Supplier / Manufacturer Malaysia

Liquid chemical tanks are used for a wide arrays of chemical storage and transportation applications. Some of the those industries that use liquid chemical tanks include agriculture, manufacturing, gas and oil, water treatment, food and beverage, chemical, recycling, industrial parts washing, and electroplating.

At Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd, Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE) is our material of choice as it meets a full range of application requirements.

Why plastic?

RPSB was among the first manufacturer in Malaysia to use the innovative plastic rotational moulding technology. Over the years, our R&D team has consistently come up with enhanced processes that help maintained the highest quality products. Liquid chemical tanks are primarily made using polyethylene material because of their lightweight and chemical resistant nature, among other major benefits.

Liquid chemical tanks are used to store and transport aggressive or highly reactive chemicals. Consequently, manufacturers such as Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd have constructed the best quality tanks with material and fittings that resist reaction and corrosion.

Plastic is less likely to react to various liquids stored inside the tank, especially compared to materials like metals. Plastic tanks are thus highly recommended for industrial chemical applications.

Another profound benefit of plastic tanks is that they provide versatility in design and characteristic possibilities. Using rotomoulding technology, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd manufacturers liquid chemical tanks with precision, uniformity and strength.

UV stabilizer and Anti-Oxidant properties ensure lasting quality against free radicals of our environment. This makes liquid chemical tanks made of plastic to be exceptionally durable, even under extreme external conditions.


As a customer, you want a product that perfectly performs the required functions. Custom manufacturing may be the right choice for you, especially if the liquid chemical tank you need is not readily available on the standard product list. RPSB offers custom configurations, colors, shapes and sizes for quantity orders.


Installation procedures for liquid chemical tanks typically vary based on the installation site, for example, whether it is above or below ground. Installation may also vary by application, for example, if there need for easy access to the contents. In this regard, you must make an informed decision about where to place your liquid chemical tanks.

One universal installation rule is putting the liquid chemical tank in a safe position. This is especially critical for very hazardous chemicals. At Refined Polymers, our tanks come with valuable instructions on how to install or mount them.

Economically friendly liquid chemical tanks

As a customer-centric manufacturer, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd cares about sustainability. In this regard, we ensure our liquid chemical tanks and other products are recyclable. It’s worth mentioning that plastic tanks can be repurposed. For example, old plastic tanks can be used as outdoor trash bins or barriers.

We sell our products at reasonal prices, especially since we source all our raw materials locally, and keep our overhead costs to a minimum. If you need best quality liquid chemical tanks at competitive prices, feel free to contact us for a custom package. We ship worldwide, with timely delivery guaranteed!

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