Large Plastic Pot Supplier / Manufacturer Malaysia

Large Plastic Pot Supplier / Manufacturer

The right choice of plastic pot can enliven any indoor or outdoor space. Plastic pots are comparatively lightweight, easy to transport and available in a variety of designs, sizes and styles. Also, they have excellent physical properties including utmost durability and resistance to damage.

When it comes to functionality, plastic pots retain water more efficiently than traditional alternatives such as clay or terracotta. They are notably impervious to water evaporation. Plastic pots will not only help your plants to thrive, but you also use less water, especially for indoor gardening.

Choosing the ideal plastic pot size

We highly recommend choosing the pot size based on the plant you want to grow.

Ideally, you should choose the size of a pot based on how big the plant will eventually grow to be, and how much water it would consume.

The plastic pots should be large enough to accommodate root growth. Also, it should give room above the soil level for watering. When it comes to decorative plants, you want to match the size of the plant to the size of the plastic pot.

When purchasing large plastic pots, it’s essential to consider how big your plant will eventually grow. For example, a plastic pot that is too small for the plant can damage the roots and cut off moisture. On the other hand, pots that are too large can become waterlogged. The size and dimensions of your indoor or outdoor space are also essential points for consideration.

Best quality and durable large plastic pots

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd offers the best-quality large plastic pots that are designed from long-lasting polyethylene material. The pots are robust yet lightweight, hence ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. With proper care, you can use plastic pots for many years.

 RPSB has utilized plastic rotational moulding process for many decades to achieve even material dispersion and even formation throughout. Consequently, our products have uniform and lasting colour and properties. Available colours include black, grey, dark green, clay brown, terra cotta, beige, white and sandstone.

The premium pots will complement your spaces with their appealing look and smooth finish. An UV stabilizer is melt-compounded into the raw material, and therefore the products can withstand direct sunlight. You can store them outside for up to 20 years, depending on colour chosen.

Large plastic pots for indoor planting

Plastic pots are excellent for indoor plants too. Since they are available in a wide array of styles, shades and colours, you can choose one that easily blends with your existing interior décor. As mentioned, plastic pots are lightweight, so you can move them around whenever necessary.

Cleaning large plastic pots

After purchase, you should fill the large plastic pot with soil or potting mixture and then place the plant at the centre. Do you need to clean your large plastic pot for reuse? Well, you just soak it in warm water and scrub it well to remove any caked soil. Subsequently, you can soak the pot in a disinfectant to remove any possible germs, and then rinse the pot well and dry it completely.


How much do you water your plant? It’s imperative to maintain the right amount of dampness and dryness in the pot soil. Avoid overwatering since it leads to root rot and could easily damage your plants.  On the other hand, underwatering will limit moisture intake, ultimately affecting plant growth.

If you are looking for a large plastic pot manufacturer and supplier, feel free to contact me for a custom package. We offer standardised discounts for bulk or container orders. ETER® Pots are available for the global market.


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