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Rotomolded Plastic Products

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd is a formidable manufacturer and supplier of industrial plastic products that are used for a myriad of applications in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our unparalleled experience in making LMDPE finished products efficiently and effectively with the lowest cost has made us a force to reckon with in the industrial plastic industry.


Linear Medium Density Polyethylene (LMDPE)  is commonly used in rotational molding applications since it offers an excellent balance of processability, toughness, strength, and stiffness. It has a density between 0.926 and 0.940 g/cm3.

Rotational molding process

The process offers many technical and economic advantages for Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd and other industrial plastic products manufacturers. Rotational molding entails loading the molds with plastic material, rotating and heating the mold to melt the plastic. The heating is done at a specified temperature to ensure homogeneity. Subsequently, the plastic material is moved to the cooling phase and finally demolded.

Melt-compounding thoroughly mixes all additives and material, and subsequently compound into one thoroughly mixed material type. Roto-moulding using melt-compounded material ensures even distribution in all parts of the industrial plastic product thus all-round protection room UV sunlight penetration on the product itself and its content.

Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd does not use dry-blending process since the material and additives mixing is not thorough and uniform. Consequently, dispersion is very poor. With dry-blending process, sunlight UV penetrates through the plastic product and its content. RPSB utilizes the latest technology to uphold the best standards in rotational moulding.

Ultimately, it’s more economical to roto-mould plastic compared to making metallic products. For example, it takes less energy to make plastic parts thus energy savings. Also, plastic products are typically lighter than metal. Also, rotomoulding industrial plastic products enables quick and inexpensive assembly times, thus reduced costs for manufacturer and final customers.


Rotomoulding industrial plastic products removes any sharp corners and burrs, thus resulting in a smooth, seamless product. This enhances product safety and minimizes injury risks for operators. Also, roto-moulding enables more control over the design, more ergonomic parts can be made.

Why choose us?

With over 2 decades of experience, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd provides the expertise, technical excellence and premium quality industrial plastic products our diverse customers need. Our investment in the latest rotational moulding technology and machinery enables us to manufacture a wide range of products with reduced overhead costs.

Ultimately, every industrial plastic product we produce is unrivalled in quality or value, earning us our reputation as a formidable plastic manufacturer in Malaysia and beyond.

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