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Plants primarily require essential nutrients, water and sunlight to grow and thrive. In a hydronic system, there is no need for soil since the system supplies nutrient-rich aqueous solution directly to the plant’s roots. Consequently, the plant is hydrated and fed with the necessary nutrients.

 A hydroponic system can be incorporated in any indoor environment. The system has been proven to achieve faster-growing, and higher-yielding plants, which can be attributed to enhanced oxygen levels in nutrient solutions, besides the controlled environmental factors. Also, hydroponic systems eliminate the need for extensive outdoor space to farm, since the systems are easily incorporated into a wide array of indoor spaces. 

The hydroponic tank is the cornerstone of any hydroponic system. As a grower, you want a high-volume hydroponic tank that can hold enough nutrients and water. One of the most valuable investments you can make is having a consistent water supply.

Regardless of the size of your hydroponic system, it’s imperative to change the water out completely at periodic times, to ensure optimal conditions for your plants. We highly recommend consistently checking water parameters such as temperature, pH level and PPM. In addition, you need to continually monitor the temperature to ensure maximum plant growth and health.

A hydroponic system must provide optimal conditions for plant growth. In regards of this, the premium quality hydroponic tanks from Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd have a perfectly fitting lid or cover to prevent contaminants from entering the nutrient solution. Also, the lid allows convenient opening and closing, with minimal effort required.

How big should my hydroponic tank be?

It’s always prudent to size up on your hydroponic tank system, thus making sure you can adequately feed your entire growth operation. Also, the site location is a major factor in determining an ideal size and shape. As a customer, you want to make informed decisions regarding where the hydroponic tank will be located.

As a customer-centric hydroponic tank manufacturer, Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd offers customization in case you need specific sizes and dimensions that are not within the product list. This is available for bulk orders. you can even choose a custom color if you want the hydroponic tank to blend into the surrounding vegetation or walls

Cleaning your hydroponic tank

There is a variety of readily available solutions that you can buy to properly clean your hydroponic tank. Such solutions should be food-safe, plant safe and have minimal chemical content. Your plants should not come into contact with cleaning solutions such as bleach. Cleaning tools such as scrubbers should be thoroughly cleaned before you start the cleaning process.

Before the cleaning process, you should disconnect any ancillary equipment and subsequently drain your tank. It goes without saying that you should do this away from any electrical sources. After that, you can thoroughly clean the tank using your cleaning agent and tools.

We recommend letting the solution sit for a few minutes to make sure all the germs, bacteria and microbes are killed. After cleaning your hydroponic tank, you should rinse it thoroughly to get rid any of any cleaning solution.

Finally, you can let your tank dry, either by letting the tank air dry outside or manually drying it with a cloth. For the latter, you want to make sure you don’t leave behind fibers or microbes. A golden tip is to also clean out the parts connecting to your hydroponic tanks such as filters and tubing.

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