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ETER® Multi-Purpose Floating Buoys

ETER® floating buoys are manufactured using modern, state-of-the-art rotational moulding machines. The effective designs of our buoys have ensured they are robust enough and ideal for multi-purpose applications. Let’s explore some of the advantages of using the manufacturing process to make floating buoys.

Provide clear Visibility and Safety

Through roto-moulding, floating buoys can be designed to provide excellent visual impact, thus easy identification from long distances. The products are available in bright colours for enhanced visibility. ETER® floating buoys are designed for high UV environments, and the color will not fade or bleach.

One-Piece Moulded holes for Easy attachments

The products are rotationally molded from UV stabilized, chemically resistant, ultra-strong, Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE) resin.

Toughest and Longest Lasting

Designed to withstand the extreme operating conditions associated with offshore operations. The products are proven in the harshest conditions. They are impervious to various chemicals, solvents and fuels. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd uses best quality raw material to ensure maximum durability and fade protection with Excellent Buoyancy and Stability.

Quality of the raw material is one of the most essential factors in our rotomolding process. By using the best quality material, RPSB achieves premium quality products that exceed customer expectations, and this has helped us stay ahead of the competition.

Roto-molded plastic floating buoys is long lasting, doesn’t require to replace in short period of time. Certain floating buoys from RPSB can support heavy loads as well. Consequently, it has a wide application area including coastal harbors, inland river, beach, reef, etc.

UV stabilised

Melt-compounding thoroughly mixes, via melting all additives and material then compound into one thoroughly mixed material type. Therefore roto-moulding using melt-compounded material provides even distribution in all parts of the product which means all-round protection from UV sunlight penetration on the product itself and its contents with uniform thickness. ETER® floating buoys are designed to withstand UV degradation which can result in cracks and discolouration.


Plastic floating buoys are comparatively lightweight than other materials such as steel. The products can thus be easily deployed and maintained offshore.


For bulk orders, RPSB can customize various plastic products based on specific requirements. For example, our floating buoys can be customized to you or your end-user requirements of different sizes and materials.

To meet the increasing demand for quality floating buoys, our company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility capable of manufacturing the best quality products based on the specific requirements of global customers.

Also, our R&D is constantly keeping up with ever-changing technology and technical requirements. All our floating buoys and related products are manufactured in full compliance with the relevant recommendations and guidelines.

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