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Cooler boxes have been widely adopted for fishing, picnic, camping, travelling and even sports. The POLAR™ product range is highly rated in terms of insulation, durability and portability, among other advantages. With us, customers have several options including heavy-duty, with 2-ways pallet, light-duty and dry-ice cooler box.

Rotomolded cooler box

RPSB uses in-house PolyEthylene (PE) melt-compounded material and insulated with PolyUrethane (PU)  to roto-mould our cooler box. Colour pigment is melt-compounded into raw material together with other additives such as anti-oxidant. In addition, UV stabilizer melt-compounded into raw material, making the products ideal for outdoor use.

POLAR™ rotomolded cooler boxes are available in 6 different colours including black, blue, grey, orange, red and dark grey. Also, customers can choose other custom colours for bulk orders above 20 units.

Customers care a lot about the aesthetics of their cooler boxes, thus the need for cooler box manufacturers to incorporate innovative designs and smooth finishes. Roto-molding technology has made the process easier and less costly, ultimately providing more value for us and the end-users.

Cooler box Capacity

The storage capacity is one of the most profound factors to consider when shopping for a cooler box. POLAR™ cooler boxes with two ways pallets have the largest capacity ranging from 300 litres to 1000 litres.

The light-duty cooler boxes are particularly designed for the ice industry, and customers can choose either 100 Litre or 200 litre. The products are incredibly light, hence an excellent grab-&-go option.

Maximum Insulation

The dry ice temperatures of -78.6° C means that cooler boxes must have the best insulation properties to achieve the ideal controlled environment. Advanced insulation maintains food & drinks in a cold condition for long period.

Our cooler boxes have a firmly fitting cover that helps securely store your products while providing maximum insulation.  The insulated interior is leakproof, antimicrobial and easy to wipe clean. Also, the cooler box is designed to provide effortless packing and unpacking.

Maintenance and care

It’s highly recommended that you wipe the interior and exterior surfaces of the cooler boxes clean before storing and between uses. Emptying cooler boxes after use helps prevent stains and odors. All POLAR™ comes with Chest Drain Plug, which ease cleaning and draining.

The plastic material can be easily cleaned with water or mild detergent. After thorough cleaning for a few minutes, you should ensure all cleaning agents are thoroughly rinsed and the cooler box dried before storage.

Warranty Details

As a customer, you want a quality product that is warranted to be from defects in the material. Ideally, the cooler box should last for many years under normal use and service. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd offers the longest warranty, against discolouring, brittleness, chip, crack, break and deformation caused by strong sunlight UV penetration!

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