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How does aquaponics work? Well, fish eat the food and excrete waste, which is subsequently converted to nutrients that the plants can use. Plants in an aquaponics system help purify the water by consuming the available nutrients.

Environmentally friendly and Sustainable

One of the primary goals of people using aquaponic is environmental and economical sustainability. Plastic aquaponics tanks tick all the boxes in terms of lightness, durability and cost-effectiveness. It’s worth mentioning that an aquaponics system minimizes waste build-up in the system that causes water to become toxic.

Aquaponic systems come in different sizes from small household units to large commercial systems. Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd, therefore, stocks a full range of best quality aquaponics tanks to choose from depending on your specific needs. Our aquaponics tanks are competitively priced while providing the best design and versatility in the industry.

For optimum results, we highly recommend periodically testing your water quality in terms of dissolved oxygen levels, pH, nitrates, phosphates, etc., and subsequently, make changes depending on the ideal conditions you want. Sudden changes in water chemistry can affect your yield.

Fast Plant Growth

Providing a nutrients rich environment, plus the right moisture levels, makes your plants grow much faster compared to traditional gardening. The overall quality of the produce is without a doubt better, besides also more quantity yields compared to traditional techniques.

In case you are planning a subsistence or commercial aquaponics venture, our proven and tested aquaponics tanks are designed for both small scale and large-scale aquaponic food production. As a customer, you want an efficient and reliable tank that will promote nutrient and water availability for maximum plant growth.

Food safety

The global appetite for seafood is steadily growing. The fish sourced from aquaponics are typically free from pollution unlike those from other sources such as the sea. Also, you achieve more healthy crops since you have more control of what goes into the aquaponics system. Produce obtained from an aquaponics system is incredibly essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Less Water Use

Aquaponics entails using considerably less water compared to other alternatives such as soil gardening. The system recycles water through the plants and fish tanks. At Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd, our aquaponics tanks have a well-fitting lid, so that the tank is well covered thus minimal water lost due to evaporation.

The importance of water quality in a commercial aquaponics system cannot be overstated. Water provides all the vital nutrients to the plants and makes sure the fish thrive. The fundamental water quality parameters include pH, Water Temperature, Ammonia, dissolved oxygen, Nitrate, etc.

Using durable plastic aquaponics tanks

Plastic tanks are significantly cheaper and provide all the necessary functions for aquaponics. It’s prudent to purchase brand new aquaponics tanks that are free from any harmful chemicals that could harm your aquatic animals.

Aquaponic tanks should be endorsed as food safe, a fundamental factor that is often overlooked by many customers. The product range manufactured and supplied by Refined Polymers Sdn Bhd complies with FDA Food Grade, H.A.C.C.P. & British Standards BS:3412 & BS:4213.

Choosing the right aquaponics tanks

We highly recommend choosing the right tanks, especially in terms of functionality, ease of use, strength and overall value for money. First, the tank design should promote functionality and efficiency. Also, the tanks should provide utmost ease of use, especially with regards to the functional components and maintenance processes.

An often overlooked factor is the strength of the tank. As a customer, you want a sturdy tank that can withstand external stress for extended periods. The longevity of aquaponics tanks is essential for long term profits.

The industry-leading POLYTANK® tanks are sure to enhance the efficiency of your aquaponics systems, across all the major stages. Manufactured from our state-of-the-art factory in Selangor, the products are supplied across Malaysia and the global market.

Whether you need a single aquaponics tank or many tanks for a large aquaponics project, we’ll always provide personalised, prompt service. Contact our team today for a custom quote.

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