About Us
Learn more about us and what we do.
RPSB established in 1982, is the pioneer and leader in PolyEthylene (PE) plastic rotational moulding industry in Malaysia.

Almost 4 decades of experiences and know-how producing the highest quality and durability possible, which sets us apart from All others.

Known for producing the Original POLYTANK® and later diversified into producing other most reliable industrial brands such as the POLAR™, FLEX-WALL™ and ETER®.

Only ‘non-recycled’ 1st grade virgin raw material sourced locally from PE Malaysia (subsidiary of Petronas) is used for melt-compounding UV stabiliser, colourant, and other additives.

Using reliable and advanced machines from the USA, Europe and Asia with technology transfer via Dow Chemicals, Dupont of Canada, Mitsubishi of Japan and other MNEs.

As a result, RPSB is able to provide the longest warranty in the market; ‘Limited Product Warranty’ up to 15 years (black colour) against sunlight UV penetration and degradation that causes discolouring, brittleness, chip, crack, break and deformation.

Why Us
The originality of content-marketing. Searchers, prospects or people with vague knowledge on plastic products (most people are) would appreciate the truth. At RPSB, with our experiences and know-how we educate and tell nothing but only the truths.

Almost 4 decades, we work along this principal kept coming up with other products that cater to different industries in order to minimise economic risks, we diversified. We carefully chose the products that requires quality and durability to develop on.

1) Linear Medium Density PolyEthylene (LMDPE) instead of High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE)
Using the term HDPE to roto-mould durable plastic products is a lie or a cheat or misleading as HDPE provides rigidity which also means hard and easy to break or easily damaged product.

Whereas Low Density PolyEthylene (LDPE) is too flexible and soft therefore unsuitable for making the roto-moulded products we produce.

We Only use LMDPE material for All our products resulting quality and durability that are required for our product range.

2) Black coloured products last the longest under the sun
Black products with carbon black additive have the best UV screening property. It provides protection not only for the product itself, but also its content as UV ray unable to penetrate through the product hence unable to damage its property.

We produce 12 colours for our products and provide product warranty based on its colour, as per scientifically proven under the hot sun.

3) Melt-Compounding vs Dry-Blended
Dry-blending process of material and additives mixing is not thorough and uniform therefore dispersion is very poor. Roto-moulding using dry-blended material reduce the cost of production as it does not have to go through melt-compounding at the expense of good quality and high durability. Sunlight UV is able to penetrate through the product and into its content, hence damaging both the product together with its content.

Whereas melt-compounding thoroughly mix, via melting all additives and material then compound into 1 thoroughly mixed material type. Therefore roto-moulding using melt-compounded material provides even distribution in all parts of the product which means all-round protection from UV sunlight penetration on the product itself and its content.

The above 3 main points can be searched in search engines using those subtitles and the truth would be revealed! DON’T BE MISLED!!

At RPSB, we would only work along these main points and apply to all our products in order for us to achieve the highest possible quality and longest lasting PE products, since 1982!